Associates at My Online Psychologist

Since 2021, I have met with a large number of Clinical and Counselling Psychologists across a vast range of specialisms to try and ensure that I will be able to find the right practitioner for your needs. As it's me who is recommending the associates, I am quite selective!

All Psychologists associated with My Online Psychologist have a high level of experience in their specialism and all have completed doctoral training in either Clinical or Counselling Psychology. All are HCPC registered, all are supervised, all ICO registered, all have indemnity insurance, and most have over three years post-doctoral experience.


Are you a Psychologist interested in joining My Online Psychologist?

I recognise that there are hundreds of highly experienced, exceptional Clinical and Counselling Psychologists and BABCP Accredited CBT therapists across the country who are thinking of starting private practice, but are just nervous and unsure about how to go about this. I remember being the same 12 years ago! Therefore, as part of being connected to My Online Psychologist I am happy to provide free ongoing support to help you sign up to the relevant insurers / healthcode, ICO, indemnity insurers and learn how to invoice insurers. Furthermore, I can provide contract and policy templates as well as give advice on GDPR and setting up privately. If I can give you confidence and help you feel supported in doing what you already do well, just this time in a private practice setting, then hopefully I'm helping not just you, but also patients receive quick access to the best online treatment!

I am happy to offer supervision if your area(s) of expertise match my own. If your area of expertise does not match mine though, I can signpost you to other associates who could assist.

If you are a Clinical or Counselling Psychologist or a BABCP accredited CBT Therapist with a minimum of two years post-doctoral experience and wish to be part of My Online Psychologist, please do email me on, attaching either your CV or details regarding your clinical experience.

Contact Me

I’ve tried to include the most common questions on my FAQ page. However, any questions, whether about therapy, how online treatment works, or anything else, please feel free to contact me.