Helping adults and children find the best private therapist for their needs

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Hello, my name is Dr Ben Mead and I’m a Clinical Psychologist, Accredited Cognitive Behavioural (CBT) therapist and Counsellor. With over 15 years of practice, I have a high level of experience in offering online therapy to both adults and children.

My aim is to help you find the best therapist for you. Through an initial phone call, I aim to find you a highly-qualified therapist who not only can see you swiftly, but is also very experienced in the difficulty you would like help with and also the type of therapy that would be best for you.


The three stage process is simple:

Stage 1

Send an email to detailing what you would like to have help with and times that would work for me to call you.


Stage 2

We'll discuss your difficulties over a 10-20 mins screening call. Based on the difficulties you are experiencing, I'll work out if myself or one of my associates (all online, qualified and highly experienced Clinical or Counselling Psychologists) would be best to help.

Stage 3

If I feel an associate would be an excellent fit for you, then, with your permission, I'll contact my associate to ensure they can help. Should this be the case, I'll then pass on your details for them to call you. I'll keep you updated throughout this process, and you'll be welcome to come back to me if there are any problems.


Importantly, you will NOT be charged for this service.


This is a new service I started in January 2022, and I offer this in addition to my private practice that I've been running for over a decade (in Guildford and online). So far, the feedback has been excellent. I will not refer you if I genuinely do not feel the Psychologist would be best for you. Given this, sometimes I will not have an associate I feel would be best placed to help. In these circumstances I will still signpost you to other services (not connected the MyOnlinePsychologist) I hope may be able to assist.


Currently, I have psychologists specialising in each of the following areas spanning all ages:




Eating Disorders (not high risk)

Perinatal difficulties

Low self-esteem


Low confidence


Minor Self-harm

Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD)

Sleep difficulties

Relationship difficulties (incl. break-ups)


Social anxiety

Health anxiety

Exam stress

Gender Identity

Separation Anxiety

All practitioners are Clinical or Counselling Psychologists who are fully qualified to a doctoral level and have a high level of experience working in their field.

Contact Me

I’ve tried to include the most common questions on my FAQ page. However, any questions, whether about therapy, how online treatment works, or anything else, please feel free to contact me and I would be more than happy to speak to you.